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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Free Nitro Snowboards Sticker

Image courtesy of Nitro Snbrds Co.

If you have seen snowboards or even skateboards, you would have noticed that the owners love expressing themselves by decorating their boards. If you have a snowboard or any board, perhaps you would love a new sticker pack to decorate it.

Request for your free pack of stickers from Nitro Snowboards Co. through the link that I have enclosed at the top of this post. This looks like a worldwide freebie offer since almost all countries are listed in the drop down menu on the form. Good news to all of us who live outside of the United States. But then again, the selection under "States" is pretty confusing.

If you managed to get your free packet of stickers from Nitro Snowboards, do drop me a comment so that we will know if this works in our countries. Thanks!

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