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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Preparing For Motherhood Again

My friend, Yvonne, is pregnant again, so soon after her first child. She told me that it's by design and she would rather take care of two small children at once than to take care of one at a time. Yes, it's very tiring but she is a very strong lady. Do you know, she runs a restaurant with her husband and works full time there? Doesn't she need any rest? I thought that pregnant ladies need to cut down on their work hours?

According to Yvonne, she doesn't feel tired at all and in fact, she looks so radiant and taking everything in her stride. Looking at her, taking care of a young toddler and being pregnant at the same time is like a walk in the park. I think it either boils down to her strong genes or the daily dose of the best prenatal vitamins during pregnancy. She said thanks to these, she doesn't feel tired at all.

Looking at how she is taking motherhood, I am really happy for her. I have read about people who couldn't cope with it and suffer from all kinds of stress. Yvonne is totally strong not only physically but also mentally.

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