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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Free Return Air Ticket

Image courtesy of Jetstar

Jetstar, the low cost Singapore carrier, is running an awesome promotion whereby when you by an air ticket, they are giving you the return ticket for free! Of course there are restrictions and one of them is that you can only take along carry-on baggage. So travel light to take advantage of this freebie!

Also, it's not totally free for the free return air ticket. You are required to pay airport tax. My friend told me that some airport taxes could be extremely high so it would do you good to find out the cost first to ensure that it really is worth taking advantage of this free return flight!

In addition to this, Jetstar has some other freebies lined up. They all come with requirements, though. But if you are already headed this way, there's no harm checking them out to see if you qualify for the freebies. I personally love travel freebies!

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