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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Coupon Codes & Free Shipping

My sister, who has just started to enjoy online shopping, even when I have told her a long time ago of the convenience and variety of merchandise that she could buy online, told me that what sold her to online shopping at the coupon codes and free shipping that a lot of retailers offer.

My sister told me that now, before making an online purchase, whether it is something large like household furniture, something light like apparel or Stimerex ES, she would first make a search if coupon codes are available and then buy from merchants that offer free shipping. This is particularly helpful when she is buying something heavy.

According to my sister, she has saved a lot of money shopping this way, and is still amazed that she could buy almost everything that she needs from the convenience of home. She didn't even need to pay for gas! Hah! Didn't I tell her already?

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