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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Web Design Freebies

Image courtesy of Komodo Media

I found Komodo Media this morning in the back pages of Google search. It's kind of a pity of the designer certainly has some pretty neat stuff to share with us and for free too. Now, the freebies in his freebie category include vectors, icons, graphics and design goodies. There is also a social media mini icon pack which would come in handy for WordPress theme developers.

I just need t say that the freebie collection here isn't too big but still, you would be able to find something that would be useful to you. Before using these freebies, do check if the terms of use so that you will not violate them. I am sure no designer likes having their stuff used without credit, right?

Well, enough of talk, just hop over to Komodo Media right now and check out what they have.

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