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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Free Games On Facebook

I am sure many of you already know that you could play free games on Facebook. I believe, some of you are rather pro in hacking Facebook games and know better than I do tips and tricks of playing those free games on Facebook.

You know, I have a few friends who created quite a handful of Facebook "members" so that they could level up their main game character. You can be sure that I installed quite a few games just so that my friends could come visit me daily and earn some game coins.

I installed Pet Society on Facebook for a long time already but I did not even create my character until recently, forced by a friend. She needed more friends to visit. LOL

As you can see, I have been rather obsessive in building my character and within days, gained 10,000 paw points! One thing that is driving me crazy is trying to skip a hundred times consecutively and I only managed 96 times! I have been so obsessed with it that I am not even searching for low priced KVM switches online like I am supposed to until I get that skipping trophy!

Also, does anyone have any trick idea on how to bet to win? I keep losing. How can???

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