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Friday, February 20, 2009

Tri Towers Solitaire Free Online Game

Image courtesy of Tri Towers Solitaire

Mark Klocek contacted me via my other freebies blog and said that perhaps I could introduce his game to my readers. I get a lot of such emails daily and whether I will feature the site on my blog depends on many factors, including how generous I feel about giving a free buzz at that point in time and what value the website, service or freebie brings to my readers.

Today, I decided that I am a tad generous so I am going to write about this game that Mark Klocek told me to search for: Tri Towers Solitaire.

According to Mark, this is a very fun and unique game that is an online version of the classic Tri Peaks Solitaire game. I have never played Tri Peaks Solitaire before but if you have, you will probably know how Tri Towers Solitaire is played. I don't know because I haven't explored it and like I said, I don't even know how the classic game is played. Sadly, I no longer have time for games. Enjoy, though!

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