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Friday, February 20, 2009

Smart Recovery 4.5 (Freeware)

A friend told me that he accidentally deleted images from his memory card without double checking if the files had been properly transferred to his computer. He is not very savvy so he asked me if there's anyway he could recover the deleted files. Hmm even though this happened to me before, I never did anything about it because the files weren't that important.

After checking with another friend who is a professional photographer, we were told that Smart Recovery 4.5 is very reliable. I haven't tried it yet and neither has my friend due to time constraints but this is freeware and is worth checking out. In fact, I have already downloaded it.

According to the developer, Smart Recovery 4.5 supports Compact Flash, Smart Media, memory stick, Secure Digital Card, Microdrive and Multimedia Card. However, even if your memory card isn't listed, you could still try it as long as it is able to be read by a card reader and creates a logical drive.

If you have used Smart Recovery 4.5 before, do let me know if it worked for you.

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