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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Free eBooks By J.A. Konrath

Image courtesy of J.A. Konrath

Yesterday, I downloaded the full set 7 books of Harry Potter. I actually have a lot of eBooks in my collect but haven't found the time to read them yet. I was thinking that it would be awesome if I have Kindle 2, I could take my eBooks wherever and read on the go. That saves a lot of time, right? Sigh... Kindles are so expensive!

The price of Kindle 2 doesn't stop me from searching for more free eBooks. I found a good collection of free eBooks by J.A. Konrath. OK, I may not have read his books before but he's giving away free stuff and I LOVE FREEBIES!

If you have Kindle or any eBook reading device, go grab these free eBooks. The titles seem interesting enough but then, I could read anything except my school books, much to my parents' chagrin!

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