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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

95¢ Shipping ~ WOW!

One of the reasons I love to shop online, besides the convenience, is the better deal that I could get online than offline. There are online stores that sometimes offer free shipping with minimum purchase or seriously low shipping like what is being offered by Allegro Medical; only 95¢ shipping without minimum purchase. Can you believe that? Offer ends 23rd Jan, 2009, so hurry!

If you haven't shopped with Allegro Medical before, then do know that they are a home medical supplies online store; a place where you could purchase anything from
cervical collars to wheelchairs. Of course, it would be impossible to list out all the products that they carry so you will have to check them out yourself.

It's really easy to shop at Allegro Medical because we could simply shop by category, brand, condition and even body part!

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