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Friday, December 19, 2008

US$75 Amazon Gift Cards

I have accummulated US$75 worth of Amazon gift cards and I have given them to my sister so that she could get herself some Christmas gifts. At first, she told me that she wanted to buy Amazon books and DVDs but felt that it may be too extravagant but now, with US$75 at her disposal, I think that not only will she be able to buy something for herself, she could also buy a gift for her fiancé!

Of course, I could have used the US$75 on myself but it’s a matter of economics. If I were to shop with my gift cards, I would have to pay for international shipping. On the other hand, my sister is in the United States and she may even receive free shipping from certain merchants!

You know, gift cards remain the top gifts every Christmas for the past five years. That’s my gift to my sister so that she could buy whatever she likes.

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