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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Free T-shirt Designs

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As you probably know, I used to be a collector of whatever. One of the things I used to collect was t-shirts. I didn't care if they were cheap or expensive, as long as I liked the design, I bought it. Of course, I wore my collection and after the novelty of collecting t-shirts wore off, I stopped buying more and more. LOL Guess I was a little weird back then.

Just now, while browsing around, I chanced upon this design website which offers free t-shirt designs which I think is great. I have been contemplating giving away free t-shirts as a promotional effort for my webstore and since I could not come up with a design, my idea stalled. Perhaps now that I have so many designs to choose from, my little project will be able to move forward.

Besides free t-shirt designs, Designious also offers other freebies like vectors, icon sets and patterns. Yes, they are all free so check them out now.

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