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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Free Flower Images

Image courtesy of Free Flower Images

As an owner of multiple blogs and websites, I am always on the look out for free stuff that I could use on my sites. I came across this "Free Flower Images" website from somewhere else, which I have forgotten where. I surf so heavily, anyway.

But I really like this website with so many different species of flowers and I exceptionally like the fact that the website is totally non-commercial and we can use the flower images however we like, within reasonable means, of course. Also, if you need a full resolution photon, the webmaster and owner of the site will email it to you are no charge to you!

Although there are many, many photos of flowers, it's not difficult to browse through them because all photos are sorted by colours. Anyway, you have got to see for yourself, how much time and love have been put into the website that offers free flower images.

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