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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Study For A Degree Online

I told a friend that I would like to get back to school one day because I feel like I am losing out, especially if one day I need to look for employment. Without skills or paper qualification, I know that I would have nothing to show my employer and I would have to start my working life from the very bottom. Unfortunately, right now, I have so many commitments and responsibilities that I am unable to find time to commute to school to attend classes. I thought that I would wait a while first.

My friend told me that I don't have to follow the conventional route to gain my degree. I could study online like so many working adults who are earning their degree online. Employers are beginning to accept such qualifications provided they are from accredited institutes of higher learning. HHmm actually, I have thought of this before but I was afraid that I would have difficulty looking for a job. It looks like my fears are unfounded!

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