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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Read Free Books, Novels, Stories & Poems Online

Image courtesy of Read Print

My friend read about my post on Free Book Summaries & Study Notes and told me that she discovered this website recently called Read Print where we could read online some of the best books, novels, stories and poems and all for free too. I believe I have visited this site before but have never read any books here yet. Somehow, I still prefer to read real BOOKS and not electronically, even though I am eyeing Amazon's Kindle!

I could read the books from Read Print from my iPhone too but it is a little tough. You must have enough time to read by chapters each sitting otherwise it would be easy to lose track and wouldn't it irritate you if you have to backtrack and end up reading the same paragraphs twice? Anyway, if you would love to read some of the best books, you could find them here on Read Print. Look out for 1984 and Animal Farm!

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