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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Sewing Freebies

Image courtesy of Sewing Freebies

I was browsing the web early this morning for some sewing freebies for my little cousin's school sewing project when I chanced upon this website called Sewing Freebies. This is actually the job of her mother but her mother is internet illiterate so I volunteered and I am glad I did, as I found this awesome site to share with all of you.

Sewing Freebies offer many sewing patterns for a lot of sewing stuff from bags to costumes to aprons to table cloths, quilt, craft, t-shirts and many more. I tell you, going through them all, I am impressed with the quality of freebies here as my eyes glazed over from the many different patterns. I find it so difficult to choose even as I would like to try out all of them! Unfortunately, I do not have good sewing fingers and my finished projects would certainly never look as good! Bah!

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