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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Free Web Graphics & Desktop Wallpapers

Image courtesy of Darlene Sanguenza

If you haven't noticed yet, I really love websites by graphic designers. This includes digiscrapping sites, of course. I stumbled upon the website of Darlene Sanguenza last night and I would say that I am absolutely in love with her range of desktop wallpapers.

First of all, I love her awesome template. I wish I have something like that for my website too but I don't even know where or how to start. Anyway, it's funny that while I was searching for new desktop wallpapers for my computer and laptop, I couldn't find one that I like enough to use. When I wasn't particularly searching for one, I chance upon it. You can bet I am already using one of these, though I shall not disclose which one. LOL

If you are also looking for creative desktop wallpapers, drop by this website of Darlene Sanguenza!

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