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Friday, February 27, 2009

Scrapping Freebies

Image courtesy of Greenfield Original

As you know, I love to admire the work of scrappers. I am not one myself but I always wish that I could spare the time to indulge in this hobby. My sister just started not too long ago and she says that she is not creative enough.

Never mind, I said, she could always check out the stuff that other designers do and maybe copy something from them. Besides, there are many free digiscrapping freebies and templates which she could use so she doesn't really need to be extremely creative herself!

Greenfield Original is a very simple blog, so simple that the owner did not even bother to give it a nice header, but you would be surprised at the quality of her freebies. You know, I am so glad to have found her blog and wasted no time sharing it with my sister and readers. My sister doesn't read my blog. Bad!

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