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Friday, January 09, 2009

Free Source Files For Designers

Image courtesy of Mujka

This website, which I came across for the first time just now, I seriously OMG so cute, I tell you. This website is called Mujka and I don't know what it means hehehe but I do know that it offers freebies for designers.

If you are a designer and looking for cute layout, patterns, vectors, illustrations, designs, etc. for your art or scrapbooking projects, check out Mujka's range of freebies. I simply love these creative works but too bad I don't have any use for them because not only do I not know how to create, I don't even know how to make the best use of these. Haha!

Oh yes, I would like to once again mention that all these are free. However, you cannot resell these or use these for commercial purposes. Enjoy, nonetheless!

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