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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Passport Restrictions Boost Hawaiian Travel

Since the new US travel restrictions January 23, 2007 where US citizens are required to show a passport upon returning to the country by air, more and more people are looking at other options to travel for a holiday without leaving US borders.

It is surprising but true that only 27 percent of eligible Americans valid passport so for people who do not hold a passport, they find it increasingly logical to travel within the country.

Because of this, more Americans are now opting for Hawaii vacations, where the island is as exotic, if not more, than any island in the tropics.

Moreover, Hawaii travel is definitely cheaper than a long haul trip and it is a plus that Hawaii vacation packages could be booked in minutes through one of the online Hawaiian travel agents like who are able to meet the needs of the traveler, offering customized Hawaii vacation rentals and packages that only local Hawaiians could co-ordinate.

Hawaii is indeed paradise on an island!

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