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Friday, April 06, 2007

Bargain Personalised Number Plates from Northumbria Number

I came across a website, Northumbria Number, which is dedicated to our search for personalised number plates. With over millions of number plates in its database and using its powerful advanced search function, one could search for car registrations from the United Kingdom.

In today's materialistic world, it is not nearly enough to have new cars but we are expected to personalise our cars right down to the car registrations, stamping our identity on our cars.

Anyone who is stumped for ideas on what personalised number plates to get should visit Northumbria Number where suggestions will be made to you based on your input initials or name or car model or any special letter combinations. You can of course try as many combinations as you like until you have a satisfactory result.

Or you can pick up a personalised number plate easily from the clearance corner where you will receive up to 50% off the available number plates. Bargains like these are great for people who would love to have a personalised number plate without paying an arm and a foot for it.

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