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Friday, April 13, 2007

Friends of Water

I came across the website that teaches us how to save water, what are the risks of our water resources and what we can do to protect our resources. I was actually looking at ways on how to save water in daily life as our water bill has shot up due to the revised water tariff. It is not that we have used more water though, but still, it is time to change our water using habits.

Friends of Water not only dispenses tips freely on saving and cleaning water but also sells water products in their Friends of Water store at a very competitive price to help us in our quest to use water safely and without wastage.

I found an article on the site that says American Dental Association has warned of
fluoride risks in infants, causing tooth damage when fluoridated water is mixed into baby formula or infant foods.

This site is indeed very informative for everyone since we all use water, but how many of use use it wisely?

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