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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Free Thai Recipes and Cooking Tips

Image courtesy of Bangkok Cuisine

Today, I received an invitation from my friend to visit him in Bangkok, Thailand. He said that all I have to do is to buy an air ticket. Every thing else will be on him as I could stay at his house. The only catch that I will have to clean his house three times a day. I said that is not a problem for me and I would even cook for him for the duration of my stay.

Actually, I love cooking but have no clue about Thai cooking! So I surfed online desperately looking for Thai recipes and came across Bangkok Cuisine, a website dedicated to showing us how to wok on the wide side (of Thailand!).

Bangkok Cuisine is a restaurant in Thailand but in this website, they provide free authentic Thai recipes and also tips on cooking Thai food. Cooking is an art that has to be cultivated and every cuisine has a different way of cooking and the art of cooking Thai food is generously shared in this site. Boy, am I glad to have found this life-saver!

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