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Friday, April 20, 2007

Bookmark 'em All

I have often wondered how I can access my bookmarks when I am not using my own computer. It is quite a hassle when my computer is in for repairs and I don't quite remember the sites that I normally go to, and then have to go the roundabout way by Googling for the website and accessing the site from the search results. And then my friend told me about and it solved my problem and the best thing is that this is FREE.

BookmarkAll has a toolbar which we can download and install to out browser and conveniently add our bookmarks and it will synchronize to our online account so that we can access it anytime, anywhere and from any computer that is connected to the internet.

BookmarkAll has a new RSS feature where we can create our RSS topic and set it PUBLIC so that other members can also share in our information. I believe is the first bookmarking tool that enables bookmarking of RSS feeds just like a regular bookmark.

By accessing the public topics, we actually can save time without doing the search for information by ourselves. Just check to see if the information is already shared by other members. It's also great to discover new topics daily as other users contribute to the pool of public topics.

BookmarkAll also allows us to set our bookmarks to private. This is a great as we can store our bookmarks and sensitive information privately and securely and yet access it anywhere and people will not know, especially our bosses!

Unlike other bookmarks like Yahoo! and Google bookmarks, BookmarkAll is a combination of regular bookmarks, RSS feeds AND social bookmark with its public topics. Moreover, I could create an unlimited number of public topics without creating a user ID for each topic. I think everyone who is ever online at all should try this free service out!

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