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Friday, March 23, 2007

Unlimited Download Bandwidth from AnimeGround.com

I love watching anime and Korean dramas but one of the things that puts me off from watching more than I would love to is the excruciatingly slow speed when I download anime and dramas because they come in so many episodes. I have heard of people being able to download an episode in less than an hour but mine takes almost a day and sometimes two! This really is a major mood killer.

It is indeed a blessing when I was told that one could get blazing speeds downloading anime, manga or drama from AnimeGround.com and one can opt to download via HTTP or FTP.

AnimeGround currently hosts approximately 600 animes, 450 mangas and 150 dramas totaling four terabytes and counting! They are charging $9.95 per month payable by credit card or PayPal for unlimited downloads.

Now, I have experienced before websites that also charge about the same or even lower subscription fees but their speed also slows down during peak hours when there are too many people downloading at the same time. PLUS they limit our bandwidth without letting us know upfront or bill us extra when we exceeded our bandwidth quota *frowns*

I can 't wait to start my downloads from AnimeGround.com. There are so many goodies for me to pick and choose, I do not know which series to start first!

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