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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Reaping The Benefits of SEO

I was talking to a friend, David, recently who is into ecommerce in a bigger scale than me. He told me that if I am serious about the business, I should make more effort and set aside a budget for search engine optimization. He told me not to depend on companies that tout free services as that could in fact harm our web address if it was submitted into dubious link exchange programs or low quality, irrelevant directories. It may even cause our web address to be blacklisted by search engines. This sounds serious.

David told me that he engaged the services of a professional company and he paid a few hundred dollars per month but it is money well invested as his sales jumped drastically.

He also told me that after his first year, he was offered a renewal package at a much lower price and he was able to renew his subscription of the service and continue reaping the benefits of a fully search engine optimized website.

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