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Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Trip To France

I am so envious of my friend who would be flying off to France, Paris in particular. Although she kept insisting that it's a work trip, I am sure she would have personal time to enjoy the City of Love! I am not sure where she would be staying but I am sure her company, a multi-national company, would not be stingy with accommodation. I am not surprised if she gets to stay at one of those luxury apartments paris!

Actually, my friend did propose that I go along, and we could share out some of the costs, but frankly, a trip to Paris now is out of the question. It's out of my budget! I have an upcoming island vacation, and my savings would be going towards that. Isn't that unfortunate that this opportunity to visit Paris came later, after my vacation has been planned? 

Well, life's like this!

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