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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Never Too Old To Learn

When I was young, I wanted to learn music. Being the youngest, only my older brother and sister were sent to music classes, and my parents didn't have enough money to send me. A couple of years later, they didn't have money to send them to lessons as well. 

Now that I am a lot older, I wonder if it's too late to learn. While I am still in two minds, a friend has signed up for guitar lessons! She is very enthusiastic about it, and in fact, without first waiting to see if she has any talent for it, or will end up giving up her dream of learning the guitar, has already started looking at Peavey Guitars at music123

I cautioned her that her new guitar may end up gathering dust, but she said that she doesn't mind. At least she is brave enough to take the plunge!

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