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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Building A Website

A friend has just declared that he wants to have a website for his new F&B outlet. I visited his restaurant just two weeks ago and it was still under construction. Guess it is almost ready for business by now, and it is time to start building an online presence. Since I am a webmistress of a website, he asked me to help him out. Frankly, I may be a webmistress but that is a job I do not like doing. Besides, I have no idea how to build a website from scratch so this is not a job that I want to do, and for free too! 

I asked him to utilize one of the many websitebuilder services, which I read that some are free-of-charge, if you host your site with them. I think that since his business is new, he may not have the budget to hire a web designer so he should do it himself and so such services are the best options for him. 

What do you think?

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