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Friday, November 04, 2011

New Nail Colors For Christmas

I hear it often enough from my male friends that I am very unlike their other female friends. I don't shop much, I don't play dress up. Heck, I don't even carry a handbag; only a work bag when I am working, and a backpack when I am traveling.

Everyone has a weakness, I guess, and mine is nail polish! Working two jobs, I don't have much time to play around with nail colors, though, so I look for something that would last me a long time after each application. I go for Julep.

If you know Julep, you will know they offer nail polishes in very pretty colors. Color variety aside, I like that they are easy to apply and if I am rushing, applying one coat of polish is good enough to go. As you can imagine, I have a sizable nail care collection, different colors to suit my mood and the occasion, plus a string of hand and feet spa products! What is the use when the nails are pretty but they are on ugly hands and feet, right?

Going into the holiday season, it's time to shop for new Julep nail polish again. I like their new color, Sienna. It shimmers! What’s your favorite color?

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