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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Picking Up Reading Again

I love to read but because I became hooked to the internet a few years ago, I stopped picking up a book. And even if I did buy a new book it continued to lie on my desk, collecting dust. I'd say I was in this bookless situation for at least five years!

And then I started using the Apple iPhone and subsequently changed to an Android phone. Smart phones have made it so much easier to read, without carrying a book along. Now, I make it a point to read a few pages before I shut down for the night. Unfortunately, with a good book, I sometimes end up staying up later than I intended!

It has been this way for the past week and I am beginning to wonder how to remove dark circles under eyes. The dark circles are getting from bad to worse and I feel I must do something about this before the circles become permanent!

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