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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Free Crochet Patterns

Image courtesy of Smart Crochet

My friend is spending a lot of time on her crochet projects. She is so creative and work so fast. I envy that she could do it wherever she is, without wasting time, like waiting for her kid's classes to be over, etc.

According to my friend, she goes through her new pattern books so fast that buying the books is becoming costly. She would rather spend the money on materials. Never mind, I found this Smart Crochet free patterns website for her and I think she will make full use of all the free crochet patterns!

I kid myself that I would one day like to learn to crochet too but I know that I am never creative enough to pick up craft skills. But I like to amuse myself by looking at free crochet patterns like these offered by Smart Crochet. If you are looking for free patterns for your crochet projects, click the link I have enclosed at the top of this post.

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