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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cutting Costs

A few of my friends, who used to ask why I like freebies, samples and coupons so much have asked to me share with them whatever goodies and freebies that I have discovered. I guess it's only now that the realize the savings that they could get from these, no thanks to the increase of price in everything and an increase of 1% service tax from 5% to 6% per bill.

Whether we can still sustain our lifestyle wit our current income, we are all practicing money saving habits, including comparing car insurance quotes and grocery prices, reducing nights out and a friend even, drastically, unsubscribed her broadband internet service.

I wouldn't say I am doing OK myself. I'm actually looking for a job because I think that a stable income would help me cope better. My friends who are fully employed told me that it wouldn't be easy but then what is easy??

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