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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Shopping In KL

I went to the capital city for a couple of events yesterday and took the opportunity to shop at a large store. I came across a huge flat panel television and I touched it, because it's so thin, it's amazing. It's like the "Macbook Air" of TVs!

My friend told me not to touch it in case it falls off the table top and I would have to pay $29,999 for the TV. As the saying goes, once broken, considered sold. I'm sure that the TV is placed very securely with an appropriate flat panel mount, but my friend just wanted to give me a scare!

Too bad we weren't allowed to take photos in the store, and in a hurry, I also forgot to check out the size of the TV. Let's just say that I've never seen such a wide but slim TV before.

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