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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Camping Trip

I am planning to organize a camping trip with my family and some friends. The weather has not been conducive lately, though, so I am taking this time to plan. Going into the jungle for a couple of days, I have this fear that I may have use for something that I have forgotten to bring along.

My father has the experience so I am seeking his help in writing down in a list what we should bring along and what to buy for the trip, if we do not have those items yet. Top on my shopping list is a kershaw scallion knife. It's durable and small enough for me to handle.

My friend is in charge of electronics like GPS devices, walkie-talkies and also tablets! Yes, look at how well-prepared we will be. I like it that we can get online even in the jungle. Hopefully the 3G signal will be strong enough but then we have subscriptions to so many different services. One is surely bound to work!

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