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Thursday, November 18, 2010


When my aunt was suffering from lung cancer, the family was in and out of the hospital visiting her. It's a very sad place, where everyone is suffering from one kind of disease or another. Most of my aunt's ward mates suffered from lung problems as well and many of them were "now you see, now you don't” cases.

I remember that one suffered from Mesothelioma. Whether it's rare or not, I have no idea but I have read that it's caused by asbestos. Houses in Malaysia still use asbestos and that is very bad for health. Can you imagine that prolonged breathing of asbestos fibers could cause tumors to grow in the lining that protects our internal organs?

We didn't have a chance to speak to the patient more and we have no idea of her circumstances or background but if she was in the States, she could get in touch with an experienced Houston asbestos lawyer and see what claim she could make. It's unfortunate such service is not available here.

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