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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Property Viewing Week

A friend told me that she is planning to buy a house. The problem is that every time her agent calls her up with a new property to view, she needs me to accompany her. It's not safe for a lady to go anywhere alone these days.

I try to look out for her and at the same time, look at what these properties have to offer. I too am in the market for a house, you see. I try to check if these properties have pest control problems. As you know, once a home is infested, it would take a long time to tackle the problem.

We don't have the Houston pest control experts over here and I don't believe that the pest control companies here could handle such pest control problems quickly and efficiently, based on the experiences of my neighbors and home-owning friends.

Anyway, so far, we haven't seen anything we like yet so I guess there are still many more properties to view in the coming days!

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