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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Buying Gold & Silver

A friend of mine told me that he has started to explore more investments in an attempt to expand his investment portfolio. While I too would like to learn more from him, sadly, I don't have the capital right now. According to my friend, he is planning to buy silver and gold bullion. I didn't ask how much he needs to buy bullion but that certainly sounds like a huge capital is needed.

I asked my friend to read up on investments in precious metals. The idea is to get the knowledge from him so that I don't have to read. You know I'm not the studious kind and I fall asleep when I read long text especially on dry subjects like investment and finance. LOL

Anyway, I don't even have enough capital now so for me, it's all still at the planning stage only. I hope, I KNOW, my time will come.

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