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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Freebies & Resources For Web Designers

Image courtesy of DESIGNM.AG

I stumbled upon this resource website for web designers this morning while searching for Photoshop freebies. Hmmm my copy of Photoshop is still with my friend now and I am not able to play with it. Argh!

Anyway, has a list of Photoshop textures and brushes freebies. There aren't that many but these are quality stuff. Also, I could see that the owners are building their list of freebies so show some support and I am sure they will be inspired to share more of their creations with us.

I love the fact that these freebies are free for us to use for personal and commercial purposes. These are certainly not easy to find, I tell you. However, when you have decided to use these freebies, please do double check the terms of use first! You wouldn’t want to get into hot soup, right?

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