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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Free Frog eCards

Image courtesy of Frog In A Well

My friend told me that her son is very fascinated with frogs right now. He would want everything that has a frog image, frog coloring books, frog toys, etc. I think it's just a phase, just like my other friend whose son could not get enough of horses. Luckily she could afford to let him take horse riding lessons.

I thought I would find a couple of frog pictures or cards to surprise the boy but I found this froggy website, a website dedicated to frogs, that has a bunch of frog ecards. Just perfect.

Right now, there are 14 frog ecards. These ecards look like they were taken from the egreetings site, 123Greetings but I couldn't care less if I could get everything I need on one single site. Would you like to send out frog ecards as well?

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