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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Free Electronic Sticky Notes

Image courtesy of Freebie Notes

If you are like me, you would be using the computer all day long but still cannot remember what you should do and at what time, and you would end up sticking small note papers all around your monitor. My monitor is already full of these small papers, sometimes even my laptop and keyboard. Yet, each morning and also regularly throughout the day, I would be going through all these pieces of paper to recall what I should do for the day or even the appointments that I have to keep.

Well, Freebie Notes 3.27 serves as your electronic sticky notes and with it, I think you can do away with all your small paper sticky notes already. It has the basic functions but if you would love more features in your Freebie Notes, you could buy a more powerful version called Dynamic Notes and an even more powerful version called Power Notes.

I haven't downloaded my free copy of Freebie Notes yet but will do so shortly. Gosh, you wouldn't be able to imagine how useful this is to me!

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