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Saturday, April 14, 2007

What Makes A Good Landscape Design

My friend was a landscape artiste and he told me that his job involved more than mere planting of trees and brushes. Apart from being beautiful to see and decorative, a good landscape design also has to be functional and if possible, incorporates feng shui.

To facilitate all these, the landscape designer has to find out as many information as possible on the likes and dislikes of the occupants of the home, whether there are any elderly, children or pets as these have to be factored in a design.

SLDA Landscape Design Associates are even more comprehensive in their questionnaire and walk-through of the property with the owners. This way, they are able to recreate the vision of the owners into their garden that fits the personalities of the property owners.

As the landscape matures, large landscape companies like SLDA will also keep in contact with the owners to see if there are any changes they would like in their design. I think that landscaping is just as important as the design of the building or the interior decoration. Any money spent on landscaping is well-worth it as it gives a visitor the first impression of the home and its owners. And we all know how important first impressions are, don't we?

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