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Friday, April 06, 2007

Things To Do In Chicago

My sister went to Chicago on a business trip. Well, it was supposed to be business but she managed to pack in some sight-seeing on the side too! Since I am not familiar with Chicago, I was very interested in what she has to tell me about her trip.

While planning for her trip, she went online to search for
Chicago tourist attractions. With the convenience of the internet, she managed to plan a good holiday even though she only went there over the weekend. She went up the Sears Tower sky deck and captured some really magnificent photos from the deck overlooking the city.

During the day, my sister managed to visit two vastly different places, the Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum and the Lincoln Park Zoo. One night, she had a great time at the Amazing Chicago Funhouse Maze. If you think this funhouse is only for children, then you are wrong!

As a food lover, my sister never fails to try out the local cuisine whenever she is in a new place and it was no different in Chicago. She told me there are many
restaurants in Chicago and most places are inexpensive. She found herself eating at various restaurants over the weekend rather than having what hotels in Chicago have to offer. She said that she nearly ran out of cash but thankfully, credit cards are widely accepted.

All in all, she had a wonderful business cum holiday trip but she said a weekend is too short a trip and plans a longer trip to Chicago in the near future.

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