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Monday, April 16, 2007

Izabael's Pin-up Pictures

After my previous post on Izabael the Genie, I could not help myself but to search online for more information about her. I wanted to see more photos of her. The one that I published was too small anyway. I wanted to know if she is for real. Thankfully for search engines, I found tons of Izabael's pin-up pictures online.

I said "pin up" because she is good enough to appear on the cover of any glossy fashion magazine. But I bet Izabael does not need her photos to be photoshoped!

Since going through her photos, I start to understand why she has such a huge following, judging from the hits and comments on her MySpace page. AND THE FRIENDS!

Izabael is so captivating, I think any woman who is next to her will suffer from low self-esteem straightaway! While the guy will be captivated by her and drown into the pools of her eyes.

If you don't believe me, check out Izabael's photos and get ady to be seduced by her!

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