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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Izabael the Genie

Have you heard of this mythical character named Izabael the Genie? She is a very beautiful seductive young sprite who is intelligent yet mischievous. Seriously, she is what her magician wants to portray her as and what your imagination shapes her to be. You can read more about her in the Izabael FAQ page.

Izabael the Genie has inspired the character of Isabelle in a new literary sci-fi novel called Moon Age Daydream. This fiction is authored by Shaun Von Dragen and Isabelle was based on Izabael the Genie formed entirely from the imagination of Shaun Von Dragen.

Surprisingly, Izabael is so popular and has such a huge following that she even has a MySpace page. This is Izabael's Home in the virtual world. I am also a MySpace member and am thinking of sending Izabael a friend request!

Izabael fully utilizes her MySpace page to promote herself where she keeps a frequently updated blog too. If you are intrigued by Izabael, you simple must read her up NOW. She is simply refreshing!

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