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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Victor Lysakov Stamps His Mark On American Soil

Did you hear that one of the best European artists, renowned Russian Artist Victor Lysakov has stamped his groundbreaking mark on American soil? His new American presence has established his name in the international art scene.

The Lysakov Art Company, Inc.'s exclusive Victor Lysakov Gallery located at 305 Forest Avenue, opened on 2nd February, 2007 on the Monterey Peninsula in Pacific Grove, California in grand style and attended by a few hundred VIP guests and Who's Who of the arts scene from America, Europe and Russia.

Lysakov is a modern expressionist artist and each painting produced, with its unmistakably distinct colors, has a captivating story to tell giving us and an insight into his creative mind and current muse. It is a challenge to read what each painting tells us and trying to decipher the story behind its creation.

Although Lysakov's art collection is very extensive, there were only an exclusive limited number of forty paintings on exhibition and for sale that day.

Lysakov prints are always of the highest quality and replicated in giclée format. These digital prints on museum-quality archival canvas are UV-resistant and will last a long time. Art collection is in fact not only entertainment but also an investment.

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