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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Twenty Five Million Dollar Challenge

Did you hear about LegalLock offering the prize money of twenty five million dollars to the first major trans-continental trans-oceanic airline which achieved zero emissions in the air and on the ground before 2021?

I know this is not a "contest" like I normally feature but this prize is large enough and the contest interesting enough not to feature this here.

LegalLock is offering this hefty amount because, according to its president, Mr. Robinson Joyce, airlines need to take better responsibility for what it emits into the atmosphere. The pollution that is caused by airlines emission cannot be filtered out so drastic action has to be taken, even if it means dangling a big fat carrot.

Which airline company would win the prize money is yet to be seen. It would be excellent not only for the industry but for our planet and humanity if this uncontrolled pollution could be curbed.

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