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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Starting A Successful Consulting Business

It is reality that most of us do not earn enough. Maybe it is because of the high cost of living or the low pay or our own mismanagement of finances. I bet that it is because of our low pay. Many of us slog through the day and take home only a pittance. That is one of the reasons I started my own business.

It does not take a genius to be his own boss. The easiest way to go into business for yourself is starting a consulting business. This is because you can utilize your knowledge, knowledge and hands-on experience that you already have working all these years and honing it to perfection WHILST working for other people.

The only hurdle that you need to overcome, as I see it, is starting it the RIGHT way. Yes, starting is not difficult but starting a SUCCESSFUL consulting business is tricky.

This is where we need professional guidance. Dr. Mike Beitler has generously shared with us his insights into starting a successful consulting business in a book. His tips and tricks of the trade are openly discussed to help us succeed in this field.

I think that it is a steal to get “How to Get Started in Consulting” at $12.95 only.

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