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Friday, March 09, 2007

Setting Up An Online Store

Many people have the wrong perception that it is an easy ball game but the truth is ecommerce is just as competitive as real world business. A friend wanted to venture into ecommerce but he has no idea at all what to do or where to start. So he consulted me as I have been in this more than two years already.

I told him that after getting a domain name and web hosting package, the next important thing to do is to look for a user-friendly, reliable and secure yet affordable
ecommerce software. Of course there are many around but are they all as easy to use and intuitive as Ashop Commerce? I can't say that for sure.

Ashop Commerce allows us to test drive their demo store AND offers a 10-day free trial so that we know exactly what powerful features it has before committing ourselves to it. How many ecommerce software solution providers can claim this?

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