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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Raise a Million Dollars With McKenzie

I am sure many of us veteran internet surfers have heard about clicking on banners and sponsored links to generate revenue for the website owner. And some even are said to be for charity. Now, the award-winning artist, the beautiful McKenzie, is adopting this to raise a million dollars for charity, especially for humanitarian and green causes.

A million dollars is a huge amount but McKenzie has been a charitable artist all along and raising money for charity. Just that this time, her target is higher. We, the public, can help her achieve her target by visiting her website at www.McKenzieArtStudio.com and clicking on her sponsored links.

Every click will generate revenue for her and she will channel the revenue to charitable organizations like SaveDarfur, Global Green, Humane Society. Meanwhile, McKenzie herself will also do her part by donating proceeds from her art sale to the same charities.

Hop over to www.McKenzieArtStudio.com now and start playing an active role in this fund raising campaign by clicking at the sponsored links or buying a McKenzie masterpiece!

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